Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Rebooting an Airbus -SAA style

I had the misfortune of flying from Durban to Johannesburg last Friday evening on SAA's flight 582, which was delayed from 7:40 pm to take off just before midnight.

Not including the fact that SAA could not be bothered to keep it's stranded passengers informed as to why the plane was delayed:{ "operational reasons" brings falling engines to mind}, when we finally boarded the plane at 11:15pm we sat on the tarmac, not moving. The cabin attendant informed me that they were struggling to clean the toilets sump out...clearly somebody had taken a serious crap on the down flight!

The pilot announced that the aeroplane was very technologically advanced..everything is controlled by computer. These wonderful computers pulled a Windows stunt and were hanging. The pilot said "WE ARE GOING TO REBOOT THE PLANE!" If I was not strapped in, I would have fallen out of my seat laughing! My God! They rebooted the plane:-everything was shut engines, no aircon, no lights...nothing!!

One quick reboot, and we take off ten minutes later!

Who ever heard of a plane being re-booted???